Ben carries out speaking engagements for a variety of different organisations and companies around the world to both Jewish and non-Jewish audiences.

Since July 2020, Ben has spoken to over 150 different communities, organisations, companies and institutions.

See Ben in action below. For enquiries about rates and availability for speaking and training engagements, please contact me.

“I first met Ben in 2015 and his expertise on anti-Jewish racism led me to invite him time and again to my university class to speak to my students on the history of Jew-hatred. The response was so positive that I asked him to design a lecture series within the framework of my course on contemporary German society. The depth of his research and spectrum of perspectives that Ben brought to the topic far surpassed what I had expected him to do. And students specifically mentioned “Mr Freeman’s part” of the course in their evaluations to highlight the new things they had learnt about the little-discussed topic of modern-day anti-Jewish racism within Hong Kong academia.”

Dr Tushar Chaudhuri, Hong Kong Baptist University Professor

“Ben M. Freeman is an impassioned, vastly knowledgeable and charismatically engaging educator committed to spearheading a conversation on Jewish pride in an increasingly intersectional world. I have been led by him in his seminars about understanding modern-day anti-Jewish racism, And despite the difficulty of the subject matter Ben always finds a way to empower and galvanise through the gift of knowledge. It is thrilling to experience his mind at work.”

Eve Barlow, Music and Pop Culture Journalist

“Ben M. Freeman’s seminar on antizionism was extremely enlightening. As a queer, 20-year-old feminist Jew I often feel left out as a zionist in liberal spaces, so it’s refreshing to hear someone talk about Zionism as a progressive movement. Often, the definition of Zionism is appropriated by the non-Jewish world so as a Jewish person, it is very reassuring to be reminded of the history of Zionism and that institutionalised anti-Jewish racism targets Israel, as the ‘collective Jew’. Now, I understand how antizionism is inherently anti-Jewish and have gained the knowledge and confidence to call out ignorance. Thank you, Ben!

Camille Green, Jewish Student

“I was extremely fortunate to have Ben as part of our panel on LGBTQ+ leadership in fighting antisemitism. Ben exudes intelligence, knowledge, empathy and Jewish pride. He is a fighter and a teacher, with a rare view of the big picture.”

David Sachs, Community Relations Specialist, Ottawa Jewish Federation

“Books, articles and talks that confront the recent surge of antisemitism generally focus on its deleterious impact and the pain it causes. The cataloguing of hateful acts directed against the Jewish people is important but may be off-putting to some. In Ben M Freeman's program on his articulate and well-conceived book, Jewish Pride, we discover a positive way to confront the bigotry that has haunted the Jewish people for centuries. While knowledge of historic and contemporary antisemitism is important and certainly needed, Freeman provides positive ways to address what has been termed "the longest hatred." His presentation to us was not only informative but also engaging, providing an inspirational approach. The author's Jewish Pride presentation looks at the issue in a fresh and hopefully effective way. I highly recommend bringing Freeman--whether in-person or via zoom--to your community.”

Riva Gambert for Under One Tent, a program of the Contra Costa JCC

“Ben M. Freeman’s virtual presentation to our community was articulate, eye-opening and inspirational. Freeman’s call to empower Jews to reject the shame of antisemitism and reclaim pride in their Jewish identities is an important message for Jews and non-Jews to hear, especially in a climate of increased antisemitism and anti-Zionism that we are experiencing in our community, as well as world wide.”

Sara Ewing, Director of Adult Programs, Jewish Community Center of the North Shore

“Ben was a remarkable speaker for our event, Fighting Antisemitism on Social Media. We were able to take away tools and facts about antisemitism — or as Ben described it, “anti-Jewish racism” — that can be used to have productive dialogue on social media. Ben reminded us that we are not alone in our fight against the hatred of the Jewish people, we do not need to keep our heads down, and that the best way to fight hate is with great pride. Our guests walked away feeling empowered and with a renewed sense of pride in our shared Jewish tradition and resilience.”

Alyssa Bruell, Donor Experience Associate: Emerging Philanthropists, The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles


About Ben

Born in Scotland, Ben is a gay Jewish author, Diversity Equity and Inclusion specialist and internationally renowned educator focussing on Jewish identity, combating antisemitism and raising awareness of the Holocaust. His first book, Jewish Pride: Rebuilding a People, was released in February 2021.

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